BONN, GermanyJune 15, 2022 /PRNewswire Leading telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier has announced the implementation of a superior network monitoring solution.

The new service is the result of the wholesale supplier’s partnership with BENOCS and autonomous business monitoring company Anodot. Powered by AI, the service not only monitors the data on the network but also recognizes changes in traffic behavior and flow. It has significantly reduced costs and effort by allowing only relevant anomaly alerts to be received. At the same time, unnecessary alert noise has been eliminated.

Anodot and Tmobile

Carsten Bruns, Vice President Internet & Content Services from Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, said, “Having been a satisfied BENOCS customer for a number of years now, we decided it was time to take the next monitoring step. The integration of Anodot’s anomaly detection technology with BENOCS’ comprehensive Flow Analytics has already saved us valuable time in identifying irregularities and rectifying network issues.”

“Telco service providers must process an immense amount of data from multiple sources to ensure optimal service across their complex network environments. By monitoring granular performance and fault data in real-time and providing automated insights, Anodot enables communications services providers to identify and resolve issues quicker. Alert noise will now be a thing of the past for Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier,” said David Drai, CEO, Anodot.

Stephan Schröder, CEO of BENOCS, added, “We are happy to have our biggest customer, Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier, on board to really put Anodot’s anomaly detection to the test. We look forward to discovering just how much they benefit from its integration into their BENOCS analytics capabilities.”

Anodot’s automated insights combine performance and fault monitoring to give communications service providers an end-to-end view for real-time detection of service-impacting incidents. Anodot autonomously learns the normal behavior of all business metrics and constantly monitors each metric in real-time. Its correlation engine connects anomalies across all data stacks, identifies events and contributing factors, and slashes time to detection and remediation of incidents. Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier is the first customer worldwide to install the joint BENOCS-Anodot solution for AI-powered anomaly detection into its IP-network monitoring system.

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About Anodot

Anodot is the business monitoring company that eliminates business blind spots by proactively monitoring business metrics, enabling companies to protect revenue and manage cost. Leveraging AI and ML, Anodot’s augmented analytics proactively alert companies to revenue-critical business incidents and automates their remediation in real time. Anodot’s Cloud Cost Management solution helps FinOps teams reduce cloud waste and manage costs in multi-cloud and Kubernetes environments, providing actionable recommendations that can cut up to 40% on annual cloud spend. Anodot is trusted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to help slash time to detection and resolution for revenue-critical issues by as much as 80%.


BENOCS GmbH – a spin-off of Deutsche Telekom – is a small company with big plans to revolutionize the way network traffic is managed. Their intelligent and fully automated solutions fit networks of any size and provide ISPs as well as CDNs strategic ways of coping with growing network traffic. With BENOCS Analytics, network operators, transit and wholesale carriers, Hosting and CDNs gain end-to-end visibility of their entire traffic flows. More information at and on LinkedIn.

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