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Monitor your microservices

Anodot keeps tabs on billions of daily events across all your cloud and microservices infrastructure, alerting you to critical issues before they impact your user experience, revenue, and brand reputation.

Monitor the health of your microservices

Applications running on microservices can be difficult to manage and monitor. Ensure the reliability of your applications by monitoring your cloud infrastructure for anomalies in:

Application latency

Application error rates

Load balancer latency & throughput

Database workload

Service mesh

Disk usage & pressure

Monitoring highly transient metrics is difficult

As enterprises continue to rapidly adopt containerized microservices, infrastructure and operations teams need to address the growing complexities of monitoring these highly dynamic and distributed applications. Traditional metric-gathering methods of polling for CPU, memory, and process utilization for each container become impractical. A single point of failure anywhere throughout your distributed environment can stop the entire process and have a significant impact on user experience, revenue, and brand reputation. By leveraging AI to constantly monitor and correlate microservices performance, Anodot provides mission-critical alerts in context, enabling the shortest time to detection and resolution.

Connect your data and go

Anodot monitors 100% of your data in real-time, learns the normal behavior of every single metric within minutes, and starts identifying deviations immediately. Simply use one of our built-in collectors to connect and monitor the full scale of your microservices infrastructure.

Detect microservice health issues as they happen

With Anodot you can detect microservices issues faster and identify their root cause for the fastest resolution. Anodot autonomously distills billions of data events into the single, scored, spot-on alerts that you need to know about right now. Relevant stakeholders are immediately notified via email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, PagerDuty or even Webhook, because every second counts.

Hands-off monitoring you can count on

Monitoring your microservices with Anodot’s AI-driven anomaly detection is completely autonomous. There’s no need to define what data to look for or when, no manual thresholds to set up or update. Advanced microservice monitors can be easily created with Anodot’s adaptive alert dashboard.

Take your microservices monitoring to the next level

Real-time high-definition coverage

Fastest incident detection and resolution

Fully autonomous analytics