For tech-driven advertising companies, KPIs are directly proportional to revenue.

Avantis is an adtech company that creates and promotes technological products that assist publishers in monetizing their traffic through various sources. Avantis’ added value is measured, among other ways, in their data capabilities and by providing internal tools and critical information to business partners.

Prior to Anodot, Avantis had used an in-house monitoring solutions and SaaS tools to monitor the KPIs that drove their business. Using Anodot, Avantis was able to dramatically improve its real-time detection, which immediately translated into call-to-action and, consequently, revenue. Avantis was also able to critically improve its fraud prevention and monitoring, thus improving its KPIs, and more importantly, its publishers’ KPIs.

Avantis CFO Or Boiman and VP of Revenue Operations Liron Levy say Anodot is breaking down silos to give them a holistic understanding of their KPIs and they’re finding anomalies faster than ever.

The results? Watch the video to find out.


Written by Anodot

Anodot is the leader in Autonomous Business Monitoring. Data-driven companies use Anodot's machine learning platform to detect business incidents in real time, helping slash time to detection by as much as 80 percent and reduce alert noise by as much as 95 percent. Thus far, Anodot has helped customers reclaim millions in time and revenue.

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