Anomalies don’t have to be a fear factor; they could even present an opportunity to make money.

Imagine detecting positive spikes in in-app purchases, conversions, or gaming activity in real-time and then having your business monitoring system identify what caused them 10x faster than you can now – autonomously. With 95% accuracy in the root cause analysis you could replicate and capitalize on the deviation immediately.

Read the article to find out how that’s possible and what it practically means for your gaming site. Discover how to leverage growth opportunities using AI-based complete business monitoring.

Why is the Gaming Industry Turning to AI?

Gaming companies have all the necessary data to analyze every aspect of gaming and business activities. Nothing slips the analytics tools’ attention.

And yet, we have major gaming companies reach out and ask: “Can you help us uncover more insights for each game faster than we can today?”

What they really want isn’t “more”, but better, faster, and more effective use of the insights they are already getting. The abundance of data is overwhelming. What’s missing is focus and speed to help pinpoint opportunities. Companies want to switch from being reactive to proactive.

The Challenge to Finding Revenue-Generating Opportunities

An average game monitors hundreds of thousands of metrics across millions of concurrent users. Depending on what’s relevant for each business unit, analysts measure acquisition metrics, engagement metrics, and monetization metrics. An average team of analysts works with tens of data dashboards.

With each department using different technologies that don’t talk to each other, you’re forced to transfer and analyze a lot of data ‘manually’. This way, by the time meaningful incidents surface, the opportunity to gain new users, increase in-app purchases, and prolong time spent in a game has passed.

You can preserve revenue and detect leaks. But that isn’t enough to accelerate growth.

Time: A Key Factor When Analyzing Gaming Performance

The gaming industry is super dynamic, and you need to keep innovating to stay on top of the game. What if you had a tool that reveals growth opportunities by pointing towards what went well and how it came to pass.

Let’s look at an example. You have a new game version released on Android devices and want to measure first-time user experience (FTUE). How long does it take until you are able to identify positive FTUE? By the time you’re done analyzing your data, it’s not new anymore, and the dynamics have changed. Now think of the advantage you’d gain by detecting it 10x faster.

Here’s another example: You run a new ad promotion in a test market for Android users. In-app purchases are 5x higher than usual. If you detect the spike in real-time, you can replicate what you did in similar games for similar demographics and generate more revenue immediately before the excitement dies down. You win the race against time.

Save Time And Reduce Costs

Full-scale user observability can provide a ton of information relevant to creating games that attract newcomers. Engineers who develop the game details benefit from knowing how long a first-time player remains in a game on average and which features they find particularly interesting.

This helps them focus on what works, saves time, and eventually impacts costs. Less time spent on developing new features means lower costs.

But that isn’t all. To learn what and how gamer observability is impacted – positive or negative – you need to evaluate data stored in various silos. With an autonomous AI-based business monitoring solution, you can reduce 70% of incident costs associated with investigating issues that impact gamer observability.

How Does AI-Driven Business Monitoring Work?

Autonomous Learning

Leveraging Machine Learning, the system autonomously identifies patterns and deviations from patterns. What the human eye may detect after hours of analyzing tens, maybe hundreds of KPIs, AI can process in split seconds and learn existing data patterns. As soon as the pattern becomes obvious, any anomaly is also visible to the AI-driven monitoring system, which instantly alerts the analyst about the unusual spike.

Adaptive Learning

Without autonomous learning and adapting, your analysts must manually detect variations in data patterns, manually reconfigure the monitoring system and reset thresholds. It’s a tedious, time-consuming undertaking.

Through adaptive learning, the AI tool adapts to new patterns by autonomously identifying the new normal. The result is a consistently updated monitoring tool and a significant reduction in alerts. There’s no need to reevaluate each alert. The system classifies alerts according to importance.

Data Correlation

The system monitors all your data across silos and correlates related data and even unrelated incidents. How does this advance the analytics process?

It’s best illustrated in an example: You want to receive actionable insights on a new game. Which types of players spend most time and money in the game? How did they reach the site? How engaged are they with the game? And more.

The tool correlates all the relevant data. The result: males aged 20-25 from California arriving through a local affiliate generated the highest conversion rate, played the longest time, and spent the highest amount on micro-purchases. Now you know who to target and how to improve the numbers further.

Root Cause Analysis

Rather than receiving perfect pieces of a puzzle and piece them together manually, an AI-based monitoring system provides a complete puzzle. The system traces the root cause through data correlation and shows you what enabled the spike.

Anodot provides root cause analysis with 95% accuracy. There’s no need for endless A/B-testing; you already know what works and can replicate successes.

Protect and Increase Revenue Through Opportunity Insights

When you start monitoring your complete business data with an AI-based tool such as Anodot, you receive the whole package: autonomous and adaptive learning, data correlation, and highly accurate root cause analysis.

You can quickly identify growth opportunities and trends because the system alerts you about exceptionally high performances.

Anodot’s business monitoring platform lets you capitalize on the excitement of a new game. Leverage your best marketing channels and raise the level of granularity in your gamer observability. Identify revenue-generating opportunities for your gaming business in real-time.

You can be proactive and move from protecting to increasing your revenue.

Written by Anodot

Anodot leads in Autonomous Business Monitoring, offering real-time incident detection and innovative cloud cost management solutions with a primary focus on partnerships and MSP collaboration. Our machine learning platform not only identifies business incidents promptly but also optimizes cloud resources, reducing waste. By reducing alert noise by up to 95 percent and slashing time to detection by as much as 80 percent, Anodot has helped customers recover millions in time and revenue.

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