A mobile gaming company needs to push its special offers and in-app purchase opportunities automatically across various channels, and requires near-immediate action if any of the processes experience a glitch. “If anything breaks down along the way, it’s a huge loss for the company,” said the company Director of Analytics. “It means a loss of users, a loss of installations and in the end, that can equal a drop in revenues.” Any bug or small change could disrupt that line of communication, leading to more than 15 percent of in-app purchase revenue loss.

Their original ad hoc monitoring process was comprised of various dashboards that they manually scoured and when they discovered issues, it was always well after the event. “It could sometimes take weeks to identify a root cause, and there were instances when we didn’t even notice a serious problem with our cross promotional mechanism until the number of installs declined rapidly,” said the Director of Analytics.

With Anodot, A Mobile Gaming Giant Now Immediately Knows And Reacts To Issues

Find out how Anodot’s business incident detection system automatically alerts the mobile gaming company to any changes in their business data streams.

“Anodot has made our teams more productive and our monitoring processes more efficient and effective. We experience real benefits every single day from the real time alerting system.”

– Director of Analytics

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Anodot is the leader in Autonomous Business Monitoring. Data-driven companies use Anodot's machine learning platform to detect business incidents in real time, helping slash time to detection by as much as 80 percent and reduce alert noise by as much as 95 percent. Thus far, Anodot has helped customers reclaim millions in time and revenue.

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