Originally published in MarketWatch on Dec. 10, 2019.

REDWOOD, California — Anodot, the Autonomous Analytics company, caught a major cost anomaly for Copilot.cx over Thanksgiving weekend using DoiT International’s reOptimize cost optimization platform, preventing Copilot from potentially losing out on thousands of dollars. DoiT provides technology and consulting services for companies using public cloud services, and uses Anodot’s platform to provide ML-assisted anomaly cost detection to their customers, such as Copilot.

The cost anomaly was found in Google BigQuery, which reOptimize monitors for cost per hour. A bug in the system caused many more queries than normal to run, causing the cost to rise by more than $199 per hour, which would have resulted in a minimum $4,800 loss.

“This was a great catch – one of many on their part,” said Copilot CTO Adaya Cohen. “We monitor hundreds of metrics related to cloud costs, in addition to thousands of other business metrics. A break, even in something granular, can easily rack up thousands of dollars. With DoIT and Anodot on the watch, we are covered. That is a huge relief.”

According to DoiT International General Manager Vadim Solovey, “Cloud cost monitoring is a very complex area, and incidents can happen at such a granular level that they can easily go unnoticed for a day or two.

“Anodot’s machine learning platform empowering our reOptimize technology and helps us to monitor millions of metrics in real-time, and give our users the kind of spot-on alerts that deliver real value.”

Anodot monitors millions of metrics for hundreds of customers every day. Their alerts help proactively manage their business metrics, from cloud costs, to revenue stream, ad spend, audience, and even partner monitoring.

“When a company is using a traditional dashboard or monitoring manually, it can take days to catch a bug like this. If not detected early, incidents like this can be catastrophic, even for smaller companies,” Anodot VP Product Amit Levi said. “Anodot together with reOptimize are able to catch a spike in cost and notify the user immediately, saving them both time and money.”


About Anodot

Anodot Autonomous Analytics is a machine learning anomaly detection platform that independently monitors business metrics and locates critical incidents. This turn-key solution autonomously learns behavioral patterns within times series data, so that it can immediately pinpoint anomalies across a large scale and continuously anticipate future values. Anodot alerts operate in real time and offer context, correlating high-impact incidents to related factors, to support root cause analysis. This capability has helped users to dramatically reduce time to detection and resolution. Anodot’s pioneering technology is trusted by industry leaders across telco, eCommerce, fintech, adtech, gaming and more.

Anodot is headquartered in Silicon Valley and Israel, with sales offices worldwide. To learn more, visit http://www.anodot.com and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

About DoiT International

Based in Santa Clara, CA and with offices in 11 countries, DoiT International tackles complex problems of scale which are sometimes unique to internet-scale customers while using their expertise in resolving problems, coding, algorithms, complexity analysis, and large-scale system design. Driven by highly-experienced, senior-level customer reliability engineers, DoiT International is a leading go-to innovation team that can help you make the cloud yours. reOptimize, built by DoiT International is trusted by hundreds of customers providing cost optimization analysis, recommendations, and insights.

About Copilot

Copilot is the leading automated Customer Experience platform for consumer electronics companies. The platform delivers on the promise of IoT (Internet of Things) by offering manufacturers of connected consumer products and smart home devices the opportunity to automatically engage end users with meaningful, data-driven and behavior-based communications. Companies that employ Copilot improve onboarding, reduce product returns, boost product ratings and open new channels of revenue, giving them a critical advantage that increases overall customer satisfaction and builds Lifetime Value (LTV).

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