The field of data analytics is rapidly evolving alongside advances in technologies such as AI and machine learning. There are many valuable resources online that can help you stay up-to-date with the industry — from news sites, industry analysis, and the latest scientific research. We’re listing the top 12 websites and blogs (listed alphabetically) for anyone interested in keeping up with recent industry developments.

1. is dedicated to serving enterprise CIOs and business executives with tech news, analysis, blogs, and videos. The website offers readers insights into career development for themselves and employees through certifications, hiring practices, and skill development. One of the main focuses of the publication is a “strong foundation in digital transformation of their businesses.”.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

2.  DataCenterDynamics

DataCenterDynamics provides news, analysis, and opinions about the data center industry. The verticals covered include Cloud, Manufacturing, Telecoms, Financial Services, and more for markets around the world. The company also hosts in-person and virtual conferences to discuss topics such as data centers-as-a-service, building the edge, and keeping IT cool.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

3. Datamation

Datamation is certainly the longest running publication on this list as it was published in print form from 1957 to 1998, after which it continued its publication online. The publication provides news and analysis on technology trends and topics including big data, cloud, data centers, artificial intelligence, and more.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

4. Data Science Central

Data Science Central describes itself as an online resource for data practitioners and covers topics such as statistics, analytics, AI, and machine learning. In addition to being an editorial platform, the site also provides forums, groups, and membership to foster social interaction within the data science community.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

5. insideBIGDATA

Keep up to date on machine learning, big data in IT and business, deep learning, and AI with insideBIGDATA’s articles. Articles are categorized by topic to make it easy to find your area of interest. Regular guest features mean you get insights into industry-specific expert opinions. insideBIGDATA also includes events, jobs, and research reports, making it a great resource for growing your network and finding new opportunities. 

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

6. InformationWeek

InformationWeek provides readers with news analysis and commentary of the latest trends in information technology including data analytics, cloud computing, DevOps, and more. The publication provides an environment for IT business executives and decision-makers to learn from experienced journalists and subject matter experts about how to answer technology questions and solve business problems. As the publication puts it: “If an IT product or platform isn’t tied to delivering on business goals, it’s of little interest to InformationWeek.”.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

7. Kaggle

If you’re looking for a free online community where you can learn more about machine learning and data sciences, connect with others through public datasets and forums, and even compete with other data scientists via challenges, Kaggle is the place to go. This 17M+ community is a great source to keep up to date on changes in an always-evolving community and expand your network. 

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

8. KDnuggets

“KD” stands for “Knowledge Discovery” and KDnuggets a well-known site for gaining insight into several rapidly evolving technologies such as big data, analytics, AI, and machine learning. In addition to news, blogs, webinars, and tutorials, the site also offers a collection of ready-to-use datasets. The publication also offers a Courses and Jobs section for more career-oriented readers

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

9. SmartData Collective

SmartData Collective keeps data scientists updated on business intelligence and data management trends. This community site is similar to Data Science Central in that it includes articles from industry experts, though SmartData Collective also looks at how data science can interact with other fields.


12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

10. Stack Overflow

Have data analytics or coding questions? Stack Overflow will have an answer on one of its many public Q&A  forms. Designed to help programmers, developers, and anyone struggling with problems from Excel formulas to ChatGPT’s Python code, Stack Overflow acts as the Quora but for coding questions of all kinds. It’s a great resource for data analytics in case you have any coding issues, or if you want to expand your community. 

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

11. TDWI | Transforming Data with Intelligence

TDWI has been around for almost 30 years and helps data leaders and teams access the “information and skills they need to build effective analytics and data management programs.“. The company offers research, team training, online learning, and events that allow data practitioners to improve their competencies and technologies.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024

12. Towards Data Science

With almost 700k followers, Towards Data Science is one of the largest Medium publications dedicated to technologies related to data science, AI and machine learning, and programming. The platform caters to passionate data practitioners by providing curated posts in the form of tutorials, analysis, and real-world experiences from the implementation of these technologies.

12 Must-Read Data Analytics Websites of 2024


While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it’s a solid starting point for staying informed and connected to market trends, research, and business applications. Did we leave someone out?  Reach out to us on LinkedIn.

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