Gain visibility into your customers’ cloud

With Anodot, MSPs can accurately see, allocate, report, and bill all their multi cloud spend—increasing operational efficiency, profitability, and customer experience

Gain visibility into your customers’ cloud

With Anodot, MSPs can accurately see, allocate, report, and bill all their multi cloud spend — increasing operational efficiency, profitability, and customer experience.

Complete visibility into all customers’ cloud environments

Anodot gives MSPs the visibility they need into their customers’ cloud so they can improve customer experience and profitably scale their business:

  • See and track multi cloud inventory, cost, usage, and performance across all resource types
  • Provide accurate billing and reporting with best-in-class data ingestion, normalization, granularity, and retention 
  • Understand your cloud unit economics, track usage and costs over time, and improve profitability with data-driven insights
  • Get a single view of each customer and their cloud accounts—see all their invoices and usage reports in one place
  • Provide accurate, easy-to-implement recommendations to customers and track their impact over time
  • Give customers instant access to easy-to-use anomaly alerts and FinOps reporting

Allocate 100% of your multi cloud costs

You can’t allocate what you don’t see. And if you’re like most MSPs, gaps in tagging and manual error-prone processes result in unallocated costs, including upfront and shared costs, which hurt your margins. 

With Anodot, you can ensure that all of your multi cloud costs are reported and billed accurately. Easily classify and divide all cloud costs by cost center using business mappings—which are built from one or more rules that allocate spend at any granularity to a business dimension using sophisticated and nested evaluation criteria. Each additional mapping further divides the remaining pool of cloud costs without overlap.

Enhance your customers’ experience

Multi cloud reporting and invoicing is time-consuming and error-prone, resulting in frustrated customers and higher MSP operational costs. To stand out from the competition, you need to simplify your internal processes so that you can provide seamless customer experiences.

With Anodot, you can quickly increase operational efficiency and build trust with clear and accurate invoicing and reporting. You can also provide your customers with instant access to FinOps reports, dashboards, and anomaly detection—and continually give them accurate, easy-to-implement recommendations to optimize their cloud investments.

Boost your margin 3X

MSPs can transform their cloud unit economics by leveraging FinOps and automation to drive strategic procurement and pricing decisions that reduce internal costs and improve profitability.

Anodot’s AI-based forecasting, budgeting, anomaly detection, and usage and rate optimization recommendations, work together with advanced billing rules, custom charge types, credit management, and SP/RI re-allocation to increase your revenue and margin.

Make strategic data-driven decisions

With Anodot at your fingertips, you’ll gain actionable insights into your multi cloud operations, improving operational efficiency as you scale your cloud footprint and grow your business. 

Easily understand and visualize where spend is coming from, track cloud unit costs by customer over time, identify unallocated costs, predict future costs accurately, optimize commitment purchases, negotiate better long-term discounts, and make better product and pricing decisions.

Do you have the visibility you need to succeed?

Multi cloud visibility and reporting is extremely challenging for most MSPs. You spend a significant part of your time mapping and visualizing complex usage and cost data to create reports for your customers and internal stakeholders.

Without granular cloud visibility, you cannot accurately manage your customers’ multi cloud operations, which increases the time you spend tracking costs, creating invoices and reports, and managing accounts manually.

Evaluate your current multi cloud visibility

Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  1. Do you have the necessary knowledge about customers’ cloud environment to accelerate your sales process? 
  2. Do you have real time visibility of cost and usage across your multi cloud operation?
  3. How much time do you spend on manual account management tasks such as reporting and billing? Can you provide timely recommendations on optimization?
  4. Do you have suitable FinOps reporting in place? Do you have the level of granularity you need? Can you calculate cloud unit economics metrics? Can you track costs collectively over time?
  5. Can you easily get a distribution of costs per customer? A breakdown of customers by service? Or provide a detailed report for the finance team?
  6. Can you maintain a healthy profit margin? How often do you have inaccurate end-customer billing, end up absorbing costs, or lose out on volume discounts?

With the right FinOps tool, MSPs can gain the visibility they need to increase operational efficiencies and build customer trust.

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