Anodot, the AI-powered analytics company, today announced its partnership with Outfit7 Limited, the world’s fastest-growing multinational family entertainment company. Outfit7 deployed Anodot to help ensure the best user experience for its 348 million active monthly users by closely monitoring and rapidly identifying potential app performance pitfalls before they affect users.

“The greater success we have, with millions of active players, the greater the challenge we have faced. With our knowledge and Anodot’s help, we have been able to anticipate and address challenges so that users can enjoy a seamless gaming experience,” said Jure Grom, Senior Software Engineer at Outfit7 (Ekipa2 d.o.o. subsidiary).

“Gaming is uniquely user experience-focused, and is especially susceptible to crashes and micro-glitches that impact performance and revenue,” said David Drai, CEO and Co-founder of Anodot. “The dynamic and highly-complex gaming ecosystem makes comprehensive pre-launch testing almost impossible. Anodot enables Outfit7 and other gaming giants to continuously track business and technical data and receive real time alerts of incidents.”

With over 7 billion downloads and nearly 350 million active monthly users, Outfit7 has become the gold standard for family entertainment apps. Yet such massive app uptake and usage creates unique challenges for Outfit7’s engineering team. Daily backend and app version updates translate into countless moving parts, all of which must work together perfectly to ensure  an optimal gameplay experience and user engagement. Anodot constantly tracks Outfit7’s business data, detecting drops in user activity and app performance. Then seamlessly correlating this data with other relevant metrics to present the full story for any business incident in a way that the team can recognize and act upon.

To learn more, read the case study about Outfit7’s best practices. Anodot will be meeting with game developers and publishers at GDC Game Developers Conference, March 19-23 in San Francisco in South Hall Booth 2022, and presenting about its solution Thursday March 22, West 2nd Floor, Room 2000. To schedule a time to discuss how Anodot can help you at GDC, please contact [email protected].

About Outfit7

Outfit7 Limited is one of the fastest-growing multinational family entertainment companies on the planet, best known for its global phenomenon Talking Tom. Founded in 2009 by entrepreneurs on a mission to bring fun and entertainment to all, Outfit7 has grown from an instant app success into a full-fledged media franchise. Their highly successful portfolio includes free mobile apps and games, a CGI animated series and web shorts, a global licensing and merchandising program, and a chart-topping sensation on YouTube. The Talking Tom and Friends apps have more than 7 billion downloads since launch, and over 348 million active monthly users. Learn more at www.outfit7.com.

About Anodot

Anodot illuminates business blind spots with AI analytics, so companies will never miss another revenue leak or brand-damaging incident. Its automated machine learning algorithms continuously analyze all business data, detect the business incidents that matter, and identify why they are happening by correlating them across multiple data sources. Anodot customers in fintech, ad-tech, web and mobile apps, and other data-heavy industries use Anodot to drive real business benefits like significant cost savings, increased revenue and upturn in customer satisfaction. Founded in 2014, Anodot is headquartered in Ra’anana, Israel, and has offices in Silicon Valley.  Learn more at www.anodot.com.

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