Glitches happen. Even to the best of us. And rather than promote others’ misfortune, we created this list to highlight the importance of anomaly detection – and as a warning against denial. Because if it can happen to the world’s most-recognized companies, it can certainly happen to you.


Virgin Media Worst for Glitches (UK)

New research this month from Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, revealed that one in six Virgin customers had been left with no connection for hours or days at a time. This officially makes Virgin the worst broadband provider, with TalkTalk coming in second (one in 10 TalkTalk customers report problems).


Google Play Outage

On April 9, the Google Play Store had issues with downloading apps, connecting and logging in. The issues lasted for approximately an hour with nearly 200 users reporting problems to


Comcast Power Outage (USA)

On April Fools’ Day, tens of thousands of California subscribers in the mid-Peninsula (30,000 people) and a few thousand (4,000) in Palo Alto reported a Comcast outage. The issue affected homes and businesses throughout the areas including taking down credit and debit card machines. The outage lasted from around 1 p.m. until just before 7 p.m.


Vodafone Network Outage (India)

For more than two days, Vodafone customers in Mumbai complained about a network outage. Users complained of no service across social media in Borivali, Mira Road, Bhyander, Bandra, and more.


Idea Technical Glitch (India)

Idea faced a serious lack of connectivity in the Delhi region for both their call and data networks on April 9, 2019. Users reported the network outage for approximately five hours, claiming an inability to make calls and no 2G, 3G or 4G-connectivity. The issues were blamed on a technical glitch that was resolved.


Boeing 737 Max Grounded

After a second plane crash claimed the lives of hundreds of individuals, Boeing was forced to ground its 737 Max planes around the world. The flaw that caused the crashes was related to the plane’s unique automated system called MCAS, which malfunctioned due to faulty sensor readings, causing catastrophic failure.


ParkingEye Glitch (UK)

In the Blackwater Retail Park, shoppers were furious after a ParkingEye glitch resulted in parking fines of £60 to £100. Shoppers have stated they will boycott the retail park until the issue is resolved.


HSBC Mobile App Failure (UK)

Customers were unable to access their HSBC accounts through their mobile banking app due to a crash. Thousands of individuals were not able to transfer money, view balances, or even log in for over an hour.


Global Google Login Outage

Across the US, UK, India, Singapore, Europe, and Australia Google customers were unable to login for more than two hours. Gmail, Google Docs and any sites that required a Google account login were down thanks to an OAuth issue.


Facebook Imports Email Contacts 

Reportedly 1.5 million Facebook users had their email contacts inadvertently uploaded to the network after they signed up. The cyber security issue occurred as users verified their email passwords at sign-up, giving Facebook access to their private email accounts.


Ulster Bank Glitch (Europe) 

On April 18, some Ulster Bank customers were unable to receive payments due to a glitch throughout Europe. This delayed payments for a few hours.


HBO Go and HBO Now Crash

Before Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 aired, HBO Go and HBO Now crashed resulting in reports of connectivity problems. Streaming outages occurred due to an over-burdened network as viewership swelled.


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Written by Anodot

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