I’m excited to share this new customer case study in the ad tech industry.

Eyeview is a New York-based video advertising technology company that provides brands with ROI on their video advertising spend. Their VideoIQ® platform provides best-in-class access to highly viewable and guaranteed fraud-free inventory across television, desktop, tablet and mobile.

In the real-time bidding business, traffic is king. Eyeview deals with enormous amounts of traffic and they must make complex decisions with minimal latency. With so many indicators and data streams – a spectrum of around 200k metrics – the throughput is so high, they’ve got less than a second to analyze each query.

Enter Anodot.

Eyeview recognized its need for an anomaly detection platform to improve its alerting method.

“For me, the main value of Anodot is being a single system monitoring, detecting, and alerting on everything that happens within Eyeview,” said Gal Barnea, Eyeview’s CTO. “Anodot adds another tier of protection to company revenue.”

Read the full case study here to find out how we help Eyeview by delivering accurate and timely warnings, as well as providing rapid signals for positive anomalies of their most critical metric – the number of ads served.

Next step? Eyeview’s business team will start using Anodot to monitor revenue, delivery and financials.

What features do you look for in revenue loss prevention tools?

Read the case study.

image source: http://www.higheredtechdecisions.com/

Written by David Drai

David is CEO and co-founder of Anodot, where he is committed to helping data-driven companies illuminate business blind spots with AI analytics. He previously was CTO at Gett, an app-based transportation service used in hundreds of cities worldwide. Prior to Gett, he co-founded Cotendo, a content delivery network and site acceleration services provider that was acquired by Akamai Technologies, where he also served as CTO. He graduated from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with a BSc in computer science.

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