Online businesses are a natural fit for Anodot, and we are seeing rapid adoption in companies that live and breathe the online world, and live and breathe data.

For Uprise, data is central to everything they do. In fact, once they implemented Anodot to monitor…well, EVERYTHING, every person in the company from devops and business intelligence all the way up to the CEO are using it.

Rather than select what to monitor, Uprise’s CTO Doron Ben-David feels it’s better to simply monitor everything, now that he can.

“My philosophy is, if you can think about it, you can monitor it or put it on a graph,” Doron said. “Now that we have Anodot, I have asked our developers to push everything into Anodot so we can see how the data behaves. We add new metrics to Anodot every day.”

Read the full Uprise case study here. 

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Written by Anodot

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