Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics BDA Conference

When: June 13th

Where: London, UK

Details: Link for more information

The total amount of data being captured and stored by industry doubles nearly every year. Enterprises are gathering more data, at a faster pace, than ever before and companies are increasingly looking to tap into the potential of these vast swathes of fast-moving, unstructured and complex streams of data to achieve step-change improvements in growth and performance. At Whitehall Media’s Big Data Analytics conference, they will be showcasing the Big Data use cases and techniques that drive the greatest business value. With an emphasis on real-life implementation of Big Data technologies, this practical business forum will provide bold vision from leading innovators across the data-driven spectrum. Details >>

The Future of BI: From Manual Dashboards to Autonomous Analytics

So far business intelligence has been a very manual process. Analysts need to think ahead to ask the right questions, monitor the right metrics, create dashboards, apply calculations, verify and validate results and repeat the process over and over. This manual process means slow insights and dangerous blind spots across your business. Join Anodot to learn how autonomous analytics with anomaly and root cause detection services are helping analysts and business leaders stay ahead of potential problems. Anodot’s autonomous analytics platform uses AI analytics that self-learns across data silos to uncover the blind spots and root causes that can negatively impact business. In this session, we will share the use cases and best practices from working with leaders in e-commerce, AdTech, gaming, FinTech and others, such as Waze, King games, Microsoft, Lyft, and WeWork.

When: Wednesday, June 13 12:15pm  Details >>

Presented by Bally Pal

Bally Pal is an avid technologist and data management strategist. As the UK&I Regional Director at Anodot, he is looking to bridge the gap between data warehouses and business. He’s working with numerous companies and verticals to make the jump to next gen BI and Autonomous analytics with anomaly and root cause detection.