February 20, 2024

We’re excited to announce the latest enhancements to Anodot’s Cloud Cost platform, bringing cutting-edge improvements in anomaly detection and budgeting capabilities. Our commitment to innovation continues to shape the way businesses approach data analysis and financial planning.

Advanced Anomaly Detection

Anodot’s anomaly detection has always set the bar high, and our newest updates take this a step further. Now, not only can our system pinpoint anomalies, but it also offers in-depth root cause analysis. This means users can understand the underlying factors driving anomalies, enabling smarter, more informed actions.

Interactive features have also been added to our anomaly detection interface. Users can now add comments to anomalies, mark them as resolved or acknowledged, and provide specific feedback for each detected anomaly. This interactive approach ensures that the anomalies are not just detected but also managed efficiently and collaboratively.

Integration with Jira is another key enhancement in our Anomaly Detection system. This ensures efficient tracking and resolution, streamlining team workflows.

Discover more about our enhanced Anomaly Detection system and its integration into your workflow here.

Anodot Cloud Cost Update: Enhancing Anomaly Detection and Budgeting


Streamlined Budgeting with Enhanced Forecasting

Recognizing the critical importance of forecasting in business analytics, we’ve revolutionized our Budget page. With our latest upgrade, users can now craft tailored and complex budgets with an insightful 6-month forecast presentation.

The new forecasting feature offers daily or monthly bases, providing valuable flexibility for strategic decision-making. With added filtering options, including cost basis, users gain a more nuanced view of their financial landscape, leading to precise and effective budget management.

For more details on how Anodot’s Budget page can transform your financial forecasting,  read our Budget Monitoring guide.


Anodot Cloud Cost Update: Enhancing Anomaly Detection and Budgeting




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Written by Anodot

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