As proud members of the FinOps Foundation, we couldn’t miss the upcoming FinOps X event in San Diego! The event brings the biggest community of FinOps practitioners together to share best industry practices, network, collaborate in chalk talks and tune in to hundreds of talks by expert lecturers. If that alone doesn’t make you excited about FinOps X, let’s take a closer look at why the FinOps Foundation’s work is fundamental to the cloud cost optimization specialists and what FinOps X means for the community.

The FinOps Foundation

The FinOps Foundation, a valuable initiative under The Linux Foundation, is committed to propelling individuals who embrace the art of cloud financial management through optimal practices, education, and standardized approaches. At the core of this foundation lies the FinOps framework — a dynamic discipline and cultural norm within cloud financial management. Its primary aim is to establish a sense of responsibility in cloud expenditure while empowering organizations to extract the utmost value from their investments. By fostering collaboration among engineering, finance, and business teams, the framework promotes data-driven decision-making for smarter spending choices.

The FinOps framework developed by the FinOps Foundation has always served as a guideline for our team in their mission to help organizations tackle one of the biggest cloud adoption challenges cloud cost management and optimization. The framework highlights the six guiding principles of a successful FinOps journey, as well as the three iterative phases the FinOps journey consists of. Anodot’s cloud cost management platform has been built with those core principles in mind to ensure a smooth and efficient FinOps journey for our customers.

FinOps X 2023 

The eagerly anticipated FinOps x event, slated to take place in vibrant San Diego this year, serves as a pivotal gathering for FinOps practitioners, underlining its significance in their professional journeys. With a focus on advancing cloud financial management, this event provides an invaluable platform for attendees to delve into the latest insights, best practices, and emerging trends within the FinOps realm.

Anodot is coming to FinOps X 2023!


As a gathering of like-minded professionals, FinOps X fosters an environment conducive to sharing knowledge and experiences, enabling practitioners to enhance their skills and expand their networks. Participants gain access to a wealth of educational resources, equipping them with the tools needed to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of cloud financial management.

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The event’s agenda boasts a diverse range of captivating topics, carefully curated to address the pressing challenges faced by FinOps practitioners today. Attendees can expect engaging sessions on optimizing cloud billing, leveraging automation and analytics for cost management, and fostering the FinOps culture within organizations. The event also explores emerging technologies, such as serverless computing and containers, and their impact on cloud financial management practices. Check out this video to see for yourself how good these expert sessions actually are!


FinOps x has evolved into an integral cloud cost event over the years, with each edition garnering increasing recognition and participation from the FinOps community. Through its past editions, the event has fostered an inclusive and collaborative atmosphere, where FinOps practitioners can exchange ideas, showcase innovative solutions, and collectively drive the discipline forward.

The FinOps x event in San Diego serves as a crucial milestone for FinOps practitioners. It offers a unique platform to deepen knowledge, gain actionable insights, and forge meaningful connections within the dynamic landscape of cloud financial management.

Meet Anodot at FinOps X 2023!

Our team is very excited to be attending FinOps X this year and unlock new avenues of success and contribute to the ongoing advancement of the FinOps discipline.

If you’re going too – don’t miss a chance to meet our team and have an in-depth chat about how your organization can leverage Anodot’s innovative cloud cost platform to get full visibility into your cloud spend. Book your meeting now!

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