By merging ML-based business monitoring with cutting-edge cloud cost management, Anodot for Cloud Cost enables companies to regain control over their cloud spend

We couldn’t be more excited here at Anodot at the announcement of the acquisition of Pileus. Acquiring a company is a very special event, a moment that is the culmination of months of thought and deliberation. Is there a strong synergy between the two entities? Do we share the same DNA and culture? Is the additional product aligned with our long-term vision? Well… after almost a year of studying the cloud cost management field, I can say with certainty that Pileus is the ideal partner for us in all these aspects. Acquiring Pileus is a great moment for us – and the first step in transforming how organizations manage and optimize their cloud spend. 

For data-driven organizations, the cloud is today one of the most expensive resources. Worldwide spending on public cloud services is forecasted to grow 23.1% in 2021 alone to a total of $332.3 billion, according to Gartner. Companies are moving to the cloud to maintain their competitive edge, accelerate innovation, and transform interactions with customers, employees, and partners. But keeping cloud costs under control is notoriously hard. Cloud assets are fragmented, and most companies need to manage multi-cloud and multi-container inventory. Current cloud management solutions offer reactive monitoring and do little in the way of real-time visualization and cost optimization

The result is that companies are suffering from a lack of cost control and observability and an inability to correlate between cost and revenue changes to achieve unit economics. Anodot customers have been expressing a growing need for a broader set of cloud cost monitoring capabilities, including billing visualization, cost optimization and container cost visualization. It became apparent that to regain control over cloud costs, a new solution is needed — one that ties together business monitoring with cloud cost management. We found in Pileus the perfect partner to make this vision a reality.

At Anodot, our vision is to empower businesses through their data. Cloud cost data has not been fully utilized until now — but with the combined solution companies will be better able to control their cloud costs, Kubernetes costs, and SaaS costs. FinOps will have a better way to do their jobs — and this is exactly what we’re aiming for. These are truly exciting moments!

The Pileus cloud cost management platform helps companies visualize and optimize their cloud costs by monitoring the cloud environments end-to-end, including an accurate breakdown of Kubernetes costs. Companies like Nice, Amdocs, and Fiverr use Pileus to manage, monitor and save on cloud costs using easy-to-implement recommendations on any cloud platform.

The Pileus product offers out-of-the-box:

    • Cloud agnostic management
    • Kubernetes management
    • 5-click integration with minimal permissions required
    • Slick and clear UI to connect Finance and Operations teams together
    • Up-to-date billing data (6-hour delay)
    • More than 40 recommendation types

Now, with the acquisition of Pileus, Anodot is responding to the grassroots demand for more robust cloud cost monitoring. By merging advanced ML-based business monitoring with cutting-edge cloud cost management, the new Anodot for Cloud Cost solution offers a new kind of cloud cost monitoring experience that enables companies to regain control over their cloud spend and proactively make business-impacting decisions regarding cloud utilization. 

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Anodot for Cloud Cost

Anodot for Cloud Cost is built to offer cloud teams a contextual understanding of cloud costs — and the impact of business decisions on cloud spend. To optimize cloud costs companies need to understand how spending fluctuates relative to business decisions and whether, for example, a cost increase is proportionately tied to revenue growth. Anodot for Cloud Cost features cost metrics and revenue and business metrics, helping customers achieve unit economics and understand how specific units and/or customers impact cloud metrics including cost, utilization, and performance.

The combined offering will address:

    • Real-time correlation for improved business performance: A deeper understanding of the correlation between cloud usage and costs and how they impact overall business metrics.
    • Real-time anomaly detection and cost alerts: Proactive autonomous monitoring will learn the behavior and pattern of every cloud service to automatically identify deviations from expected usage and cost patterns. Teams will get alerted to anomalous spikes or drops, in real-time.
    • Autonomous forecasting: AI-powered forecasting that leverages deep learning to automatically optimize cloud cost forecasts, enabling businesses to anticipate changing conditions and usage and get a better read on related costs.
    • Advanced visualization: Complete, end-to-end visibility into the entire cloud infrastructure and related billing costs all from a single platform.
    • Automatic real-time insights and recommendations: Proprietary AI-based machine learning algorithms to offer deep root-cause analysis and recommended remediation.

Anodot Acquires Pileus to Transform the Cloud Cost Optimization Space


Continuous monitoring and deep visibility

Anodot for Cloud Cost autonomously discovers all cloud assets and provides users with a single console to view and manage multi-cloud inventory. By monitoring usage across the cloud infrastructure, the solution enables users to review allocation, capacity, and consumption, helping them stay on top of their cloud costs, optimize, and maximize ROI. 

Anodot for Cloud Cost’s continuous monitoring and deep visibility enable users to eliminate unpredictable spending and cut cloud bill costs. With tailored recommendations and automated controls, users can catch spend spikes quickly triage and resolve cloud cost incidents. Customized insights are tailored for each user’s environment and include precise and simple steps to implement so actions can be taken to reduce costs and increase ROI.

Adding Pileus broadens Anodot’s cost monitoring offering, giving Anodot’s customers better visibility and control over cloud costs while combining it with business data which delivers unit economics data for better business decision-making. 

Gain control over your cloud costs today — try Anodot for Cloud Cost for free!

Written by David Drai

David is CEO and co-founder of Anodot, where he is committed to helping data-driven companies illuminate business blind spots with AI analytics. He previously was CTO at Gett, an app-based transportation service used in hundreds of cities worldwide. Prior to Gett, he co-founded Cotendo, a content delivery network and site acceleration services provider that was acquired by Akamai Technologies, where he also served as CTO. He graduated from Technion - Israel Institute of Technology with a BSc in computer science.

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