Our solution (Anodot) and Cloud Ctrl Cost are two popular choices for a FinOps solution. With the increasing number of businesses moving to the cloud, having a third-party cost management solution like FinOps can handle all the challenges and maximize productivity in the cloud.

So, which platform offers a complete FinOps solution? Let’s dig deeper and analyze who provides the best solutions, technology, and support to make the most of your  FinOps culture.

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Anodot vs. Cloud Ctrl Cost: Which is better for Cloud FinOps capabilities?

Background of Anodot

We are a certified FinOps platform that helps you nail FinOps with a holistic and enhanced approach. Utilizing our features gives you complete coverage across all FinOps domains, leveling up your FinOps practices to maximize business value. We have a strong and dedicated team of top industry experts who are here to support our clients in achieving ultimate success in the cloud.

Overview of Anodot’s Cloud Cost Monitoring solution as a FinOps tool

We are proud to be the sole certified FinOps platform designed to measure and propel success across leading public cloud providers. 

Our features aim to be top-notch for FinOps capabilities, ensuring nothing is ever overlooked when it comes to managing cloud finances.


Anodot vs. Cloud Ctrl Cost: Which is better for Cloud FinOps capabilities?



  • 100% visibility: Our dashboard provides all the necessary factors for cloud operations, such as KPIs, baselines, flexible cost allocation, advanced reporting capabilities, and savings recommendations.
  • Access to our recommendations: We have a comprehensive library of over 50 easy-to-implement savings recommendations tailored for AWS, GCP, and Azure. 
  • Market-leading tools in business monitoring: Our generative AI platform, with products like CostGPT and ML-based algorithms, lets you dive deeper into cloud costs than ever before. It’s like having superpowers to understand your expenses!




Anodot vs. Cloud Ctrl Cost: Which is better for Cloud FinOps capabilities?


Background of Cloud Ctrl Cost

Cloud Ctrl Cost enables organizations to make informed decisions, detect cost overruns, and optimize cloud spending. Its real-time cost anomaly and waste detection capabilities help prevent accidental overspending and drive profitability.

Overview of CloudZero’s cloud cost monitoring solution as a FinOps tool

Cloud Ctrl was initially created as an in-house solution by SixPivot, an Australian software development consultancy. Although it is compatible with AliCloud, AWS, Azure, and GCP platforms, it lacks the comprehensive capabilities required for an effective FinOps solution.

Uncertified platform: The FinOps Foundation has not recognized it as a genuine FinOps platform.

Limited Cost & Usage Meterics: Exclusively AWS, K8s, and Snowflake.

Consultant-based: There are no dedicated leadership or engineering teams. Instead, a team of 40 people offers core consultancy services and oversees two unrelated products.

Breakdown of FinOps features

Cloud efficiency

Cloud Computing



Our advanced features help streamline procurement and pricing decisions by providing cost and usage data visibility across multiple platforms. We offer real-time anomaly detection, predictive analytics, and automated recommendations to optimize cloud spend.


Comprehensive Cost & Usage Metrics: Unlike other solutions, Anodot supports a wide range of platforms, allowing users to gain insight into their entire cloud infrastructure and make informed decisions about cost optimization.

MSP-oriented: Our product features are designed with MSPs in mind. They enable optimizing cloud savings by automating operations such as advanced cost allocation, reporting, billing rules, custom charge types, credit management, and SP/RI re-allocation.

Real-time monitoring: Automated real-time anomaly detection ensures timely alerts and actions to keep your cloud investments on track.

Cloud Ctrl Cost

Cloud Ctrl Cost supports all major public cloud providers but lacks in competitive features, especially for MSPs. 

Minimal access to Cost and Usage: Users cannot access cost and usage insights for Azure MCA, K8s, or metrics. Rate calculation and grouping with Cost & Usage Explorer are also unavailable.

Limited view: Cannot support multi-cloud features like cloud view, reports, or dashboards.

Lack of MSP billing options: It offers general MSP billing but does not include advanced features like multiple rule settings, margin history view, and reporting for a comprehensive cloud cost management overview.

Anodot or Cloud Ctrl Cost: Which provides the FinOps capabilities you need?

recognized and doesn’t give users a comprehensive view of your cloud costs. This begs the question, how can businesses truly scale if you’re not given the FinOps tools to perform at maximum potential in the cloud? 

After exploring Anodot and Cloud Ctrl Cost in depth, only one provider offers the tools, support, and MSP features for organizations to make an impact in their cloud with FinOps practices.

With us, you won’t find any gaps in cloud costs, and we have the FinOps-verified badge to prove it! 

Partnering with Anodot means you’ll have comprehensive visibility into KPIs and baselines, flexible cost allocation, advanced reporting capabilities, and savings recommendations.  And if you identify as an MSP, we’ve got you covered, too


Written by Anodot

Anodot leads in Autonomous Business Monitoring, offering real-time incident detection and innovative cloud cost management solutions with a primary focus on partnerships and MSP collaboration. Our machine learning platform not only identifies business incidents promptly but also optimizes cloud resources, reducing waste. By reducing alert noise by up to 95 percent and slashing time to detection by as much as 80 percent, Anodot has helped customers recover millions in time and revenue.

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