AWS MAP Program

AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) is an outcome-driven, methodology-based comprehensive cloud program that helps accelerate your cloud migration and modernization journey.

This program is crafted using AWS’s experience of migrating thousands of enterprise customers to the AWS cloud.

How does the AWS MAP Program work?

The AWS MAP Program has three stages:

Readiness Assessment

This stage is used to identify the capabilities required in a company for the migration and build a Total Cost of Ownership model to calculate the total costs the organization will incur for managing the workloads in the cloud. The step is essential for doing a like-to-like comparison of on-premises and on-cloud.

Resource Mobilization

The role of the mobilization stage is to tackle the cloud migration at an operational level, which includes dealing with the shortcomings and additional requirements that are identified in the assessment phase.

Modernize and Migrate

This stage includes executing the migration plans created in the previous stages. This stage includes working with the AWS Profession Services team and Migration Partners.

Even though AWS provides the boilerplate framework, executing this process is tedious and critical. Third-party platforms such as Anodot simplify this entire process and help you navigate AWS so that your organization is maximizing the benefits of AWS Cloud. Anodot’s team consists of professionals who are highly experienced and experts in this domain. 


Challenges with the AWS MAP program

Although the AWS MAP program comes with a structured approach, there are many challenges you have to deal with.

Business Objective Alignment

The AWS MAP program mainly focuses on the execution side of migration, which might sometimes result in deviation from business objectives. Therefore, it is always important to align the migration process with business objectives. Anodot’s team provides your organization with personalized guidance throughout the process and helps you migrate and manage the AWS cloud.

AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration

Expertise and Time Commitment

Cloud migration is a massive undertaking that requires highly qualified professionals with cloud migration expertise even while using the AWS MAP program. It is often wise to use a third-party platform like Anodot with highly experienced DevOps engineers and Cloud Architects. This results in setting up a highly robust and scalable cloud deployment and freeing up time for your in-house engineers to work on your product rather than deal with the headaches of the migration process.

Cost Optimization and Management

If the migration is not done properly, it can result in massive unexpected costs. Andot provides an AWS Cost Monitoring program with anomaly detection and cost forecasting facilities. You can connect your AWS deployment to Anodot’s cost-monitoring system within minutes.

AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration


Security is a paramount consideration in any cloud infrastructure. Adhering to state-of-the-art practices is essential to safeguarding digital assets. This involves implementing robust encryption, access controls, regular monitoring, and staying abreast of emerging threats through continuous updates and employee training. A proactive and adaptive security strategy is crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data in the cloud environment.

AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration

Management and Training

Migrating to the cloud from an on-premise system can often be challenging, especially if your team is accustomed to working with an on-prem system. Proper developer training and management strategies must be implemented for successful adoption. Using a third-party platform like Anodot to manage your AWS deployments is often the best approach for a successful and optimized cloud adoption.

Migration Complexity

Large-scale enterprise cloud migration is an intricate task that requires thorough planning and close-to-perfect execution. Seeking help from professionals and industry veterans for this task is often a good strategy. Anodot’s team comprises leading industry experts in the cloud migration process.

Tracking and Managing Credits in AWS MAP

Credit tracking and management in the AWS MAP program can be tricky due to the following reasons:


Precise tagging of resources needs to be done to manage credits properly. Therefore, it is important to define clear tagging guidelines and automate this process as much as possible.

AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration

Visibility and Reporting

The first-party built-in reporting tools for the MAP program do not provide granular insights for detailed analysis. It is best to consider using a third-party tool like Anodot’s Cloud Cost Management tool to get enhanced visibility and reporting of MAP credits.

Usage Restrictions and Expiration

AWS MAP credits generally have an expiration date therefore, it is very important to plan and prioritize the projects to derive maximum benefits from the credits.

Stay Up to Date

It is important to stay informed and up to date to keep up with any changes in the AWS MAP program’s terms and conditions at all times to ensure compliance. Seeking the help of professionals who deal with these programs and systems day in and day out is often the best approach. Enlisting the support of seasoned professionals well-versed in the intricacies of these programs and systems is a prudent approach.

How to Optimize Cloud Costs using Anodot

Optimizing infrastructure costs is one of the core reasons to migrate to the cloud. Using an on-premise infrastructure has many direct and hidden costs associated with it, such as — hardware costs, maintenance costs, upgrade costs, human resource costs, etc. Hence, when you migrate to the cloud, it’s very important to reap the full benefits of the cloud and set up an infrastructure that is robust, highly scalable and cost-effective.

Anodot has partnered with the AWS ISV Accelerate program to optimize costs for AWS customers and is available on AWS Marketplace.

Anodot for Cloud Costs provides visibility and forecasting of your cloud costs. Companies that use Anodot can save up to 40% on their annual cloud costs.

AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration

Some key features of Anodot for Cloud Costs are:

  • Easy setup and integration. You can connect your AWS cloud to this product within minutes
  • A central platform to visualize all cloud costs from different providers
    AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration
  • Custom dashboard creation and easy report export functionalities
    AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration
  • Anomaly detection and monitoring capabilities
    AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration
  • Alerting and notification functionalities that support — push notifications, email alerting, slack integration, page duty integration, and webhooks.
    AWS MAP & Anodot: Optimize Your Cloud Migration
  • Accurate cost prediction forecasts that help you to plan ahead of time


Check out Anodot on the AWS marketplace to try our cloud cost management there for free!

Written by Anodot

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