The upcoming AWS Summit in New York on July 10, 2024, has us tingling with excitement. This event is a key date in our calendar, bringing together the brightest minds in cloud technology. This year’s focus on generative AI and its impact on business has us particularly intrigued.

The summit offers over 170 sessions covering a wide range of topics. Getting a firsthand look into the latest developments in cloud computing, especially those related to cost management and AI applications is always powerful. Plus the hands-on labs and workshops will give our team a chance to sharpen their skills and explore new AWS tools.

Dr. Matt Wood (AWS), Will McQueen (Bayer Crop Science), and Brad Peterson (Nasdaq) wil be talking about how AWS is making AI more available to everyone.
This matters for big companies and small startups alike. We want to learn how new AI tools, developer resources, and basic tech are working together. They’ll show us where tech is heading and how AWS is creating safe, growing solutions. It’s a good time to be building new things in tech, and we’re keen to see why.

But it’s not all about the tech. The AWS Summit is also a fantastic networking event. We’re looking forward to catching up with old friends in the industry and meeting potential new partners and customers. These connections often lead to exciting collaborations and ideas that help us improve our product offering.

For Anodot, this summit is more than just a learning opportunity. It’s a chance for us to stay at the forefront of cloud cost management and AI applications. We plan to take what we learn and explore how we can apply it to make our cloud cost management tools even more effective and user-friendly.

Our goal is to come away with fresh ideas on how we can better serve our customers in managing their cloud costs.

If you’re attending the AWS Summit, we’d love to meet up.

Stop by booth #1014  to talk about how Anodot can help you manage your cloud costs more effectively, or just chat about the exciting developments in cloud technology.

See you in New York!

Written by Perry Tapiero

Perry Tapiero is an experienced marketer specializing in demand generation across diverse B2B verticals such as AdTech, FinTech, and Cyber. With a focus on driving revenue and growth, Perry excels in developing and executing effective Go-To-Market strategies.


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