Back in 2014, DevOps took the tech world by storm, and now we’ve got another game-changer: the rise of FinOps. 

FinOps is stepping up as a key player, helping companies manage and optimize their cloud costs, shaping it into an investment in a company’s financial health.  

However, a significant challenge has emerged: the demand for skilled FinOps professionals far exceeds the supply.


Lewis Cowell, co-founder of Optimized, the world’s first FinOps recruitment agency, sat down with us to discuss the nuances of finding the right candidates for FinOps roles. He shares his own hiring experience along with insights into practical solutions for bridging this talent gap.

“I have a deep interest in the FinOps space. It’s like cloud meets investing.” – Lewis Cowell 

Why FinOps Matters

FinOps professionals play a pivotal role in managing and optimizing cloud costs. They are the bridge between finance and tech teams, ensuring that cloud spending is efficient and aligned with business goals. The role involves not just technology know-how, but also an understanding of finance and the ability to work collaboratively across departments. 

The Talent Gap

There’s a significant demand for FinOps professionals, but finding the right talent is challenging. Lewis identified three main routes into FinOps: technical backgrounds (like DevOps, cloud engineers), finance backgrounds, and those in roles like procurement or IT asset management. The key is to blend these skills along with strong interpersonal skills. 

“So many people come into the space from a multitude of different backgrounds and it makes it more difficult to recruit for but also widens the net at the same time. It’s a paradox.” – Lewis Cowell

Breaking into FinOps

Getting certified in cloud service provider platforms and FinOps is crucial to understanding the role. Seek experience within your current company, asking to work on upcoming cloud cost projects. And never forget the power of networking to learn, share insights, and connect with the community. 


The Challenge of companies 

Recruiting for FinOps roles is complex due to the unique blend of skills required. Besides looking for the perfect hire, companies should consider investing in training and developing internal talent.  They need to be actively involved in the FinOps community, keeping an eye out for potential candidates and building relationships. Moreover, they need to foster a culture of understanding the importance of FinOps as essential to the company’s financial and operational success.


Lewis Cowell

Future Prospects

FinOps is more than just a job title; it’s a strategic investment in a company’s future. It requires a special blend of skills and a deep understanding of both technology and finance.

As Lewis shared, the field is growing rapidly, but there’s a significant talent gap. For those looking to break into FinOps, now is the time to build your skills and network. And for companies, investing in FinOps talent is not just a cost-saving measure, it’s a way to future-proof your business.

Special thanks to Lewis, for your valuable insights and for leading the way in FinOps recruitment with Optimized. Your expertise is shaping our future of cloud cost optimization.

Watch the whole interview for more on his  Lewis’s journey and his expert tips.

Written by Anodot

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