TechConnect, a renowned Managed Service Provider (MSP) and AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, recently faced a common yet challenging issue in cloud cost management – the need for better visibility into specific cloud costs. This became especially apparent after they transitioned to Amazon Connect, where the lack of detailed cost insights hindered effective cloud expense management.

The Challenge

One of TechConnect’s key struggles was the inability to break down Amazon Connect costs into detailed components, making it difficult for their clients to understand and control their spending.  They struggled to differentiate specific costs like inbound and outbound minute charges, DID costs, and customer profile expenses.

The Solution

TechConnect turned to Anodot for a solution. By adopting Anodot’s platform, they were able to provide their client with a detailed breakdown of Connect and Contact Centre Telecommunications costs. Anodot’s customized dashboard offered a clearer understanding of these expenses and revealed critical cost components that were previously unclear.


The Impact 

The adoption of Anodot’s solution was a game changer. It not only provided deeper insights into various cost elements but also helped uncover unexpected expenses. TechConnect’s Operational Platforms Manager, Conor Mulvenna, highlighted the invaluable insights provided by Anodot’s dashboard, enabling swift and effective responses to discrepancies.

This case study demonstrates how Anodot’s innovative approach to cloud cost management can transform the way companies like TechConnect manage their cloud expenses. With Anodot, organizations can gain deeper visibility into their cloud spending, optimize their resources, and make more informed financial decisions.

Still need more proof about Anodot’s cloud cost optimization excellence? Read the full case study here.


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