Improve your cloud unit economics

Anodot helps FinOps teams quantify the impact of cloud spend on business performance, forecast profitability, and continuously optimize their cloud costs to maximize their profits

Automate your cloud unit economics

Anodot automates your cloud unit economics measurement and cost optimization plan to help you improve your profit margins:

  • Automatically calculate multiple unit economics metrics and track them over time
  • Analyze unit costs and make data-driven strategic decisions about product and pricing strategies
  • Share cloud unit economics reports with internal stakeholders
  • Predict future costs accurately to optimize commitment purchases and better negotiate long-term discounts
  • Avoid costly ‌mistakes with adaptive, AI-powered forecasting, budgeting, and anomaly detection
  • Reduce your internal cloud costs with recommendations for optimizing usage and rates

Connect cloud spend to business value

Cloud unit economics metrics can help you focus on efficiency and value, enabling you to establish efficiency targets, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven business decisions regarding your cloud investments.

With Anodot, FinOps teams can track their cloud unit economics metrics over time, leverage them in their cloud investment decisions, and continuously optimize their cloud unit economics with prioritized recommendations for rate and usage optimizations.

Optimize your commitment purchases

Your commitment purchasing strategy is a key component of your FinOps practice. The right mix of volume discounts and RI/SP purchases can save you massive amounts of money and completely change your cloud unit economics.

Anodot makes it easy to manage your commitment portfolio by helping you make smart committed use purchases using personalized recommendations that optimize maximum volume purchasing based on your business needs and your historical and forecasted usage.

Make better product & pricing decisions

Cloud unit economics metrics enable multiple stakeholders to discuss cloud investments in a meaningful way, quantify the impact of cloud spend on business performance, and make better product and pricing decisions that maximize profitability and minimize risk.

With Anodot, FinOps teams have improved data for product strategy and pricing decisions, can differentiate between architectural and demand-driven cost changes, and leverage improved forecasting capabilities.

Drive FinOps success

Cloud unit economics move conversations from absolute spend to business value achieved per unit of cloud spend, enabling inter-departmental collaboration essential to FinOps success.

With Anodot, FinOps teams can automatically calculate multiple cloud unit economics metrics—for every customer, product, feature, transaction, release, etc.—track them over time, and share cloud unit economics reports with stakeholders regularly, helping them make data-driven decisions that maximize their cloud investments.

Do you know your unit costs?

With cloud unit economics, FinOps teams can quantify the impact of cloud spend on business performance, help engineers explain their contribution to gross margins, improve profitability analysis and forecasting, support data-driven pricing decisions, and build highly effective cost optimization plans.

Yet cloud unit economics is elusive for many FinOps teams. According to our market research, 70% of companies said they wanted to measure unit economics metrics but were not there yet. Where does your organization stand?

Analyze the current state of your cloud unit economics

Consider the following questions as a starting point:

  1. Are you currently measuring cloud unit economics metrics? 
  2. If so, how many metrics do you measure? A single top-line metric or multiple product-specific metrics?
  3. When calculating unit economic metrics, do you rely on automation or manual processes that use a combination of tools or spreadsheets? 
  4. How comprehensive are your unit cost models? What financial inputs do you include in your calculation?
  5. Do you track your unit economics metrics over time? Have you been able to consistently improve them? 
  6. How often do you share cloud unit economics reports with your internal stakeholders? 

With the right FinOps tool, FinOps teams can simplify and automate their cloud unit economics measurement.

Now is the time to act

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