About the Company

This leading digital printing company has thousands of proprietary digital presses installed worldwide. It develops, manufactures and markets digital offset printing presses, proprietary consumables and workflow solutions.


The company sells commercial digital presses for digital printing of items such as pictures, labels, large format prints, etc.  Its customers are print houses around the world. The business model is that the customers purchase the printing press up front and also pay per page printed.  The company provides the ink and spare parts and most of the support.


Whenever a press is down, the company loses both in revenue (due to fewer prints) and in support costs. Customer satisfaction also suffers as a result. Typically, whenever there was a problem, the customers’ first instinct would be to start replacing spare parts that the company provides, and only afterwards  they might call support. The initial support call costs the company several hundred dollars, and still may not resolve the problem. If an issue persisted or recurred, an expert would be sent (at the cost to the company of a few thousands of dollars per call). In this process, the company lost revenue from presses that were malfunctioning, paid a lot in support and parts, and also eroded its customer satisfaction.

How Anodot Helped

By automatically analyzing the hardware and software data that the company collects from each press – e.g., measurements of ink level/temperatures, engine speeds, voltages across various components, error events, user events, and more – Anodot detects potential problems early, allowing the company to provide proactive support.

Anodot receives a constant stream of metrics from the company directly from its presses around the world. By closely monitoring these data streams, Anodot can identify which presses are in need of service – and what type of service – long before the customer even notices a problem. With its automated alerts from Anodot, the company can deal with printer problems early, keeping the presses (and its revenue stream) running smoothly, reducing its support costs and keeping customers happy.

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Written by Anodot

Anodot is the leader in Autonomous Business Monitoring. Data-driven companies use Anodot's machine learning platform to detect business incidents in real time, helping slash time to detection by as much as 80 percent and reduce alert noise by as much as 95 percent. Thus far, Anodot has helped customers reclaim millions in time and revenue.

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