Network Monitoring

Protect your telecom customer experience

Know immediately when your subscribers experience degraded service with top apps. Anodot alerts you to the mission-critical incidents that negatively impact customer retention and brand reputation.

Monitor your network QoS

If you really want to succeed with customer experience management, you'll need to detect anomalies across top applications in the network and prevent negative subscriber experience. Ensure reliability and consistency by monitoring your CDRs and Network Probes for anomalies in:

Data Volume

Subscriber Volume

Uplink & Downlink

Flow Throughput

First Data Delay

Service Access & TCP Success

Are you keeping up with your customers?

In the highly competitive telecom industry, customer experience is a critical factor in building and maintaining a competitive advantage. No one likes to wait for videos to buffer, their Instagram account to respond, or experience issues  with Zoom during an important call. Network infrastructure teams need to know immediately if customer experience starts to degrade and why it’s happening.

Engineering teams need granular data—down to the cell, segment, device, and OS level—to solve problems with base stations, IP and data cores. Network issues immediately impact customer experience and your bottom line KPIs, so being alerted to them sooner rather than later is crucial.

Plug and play

Take the pain out of monitoring. Anodot makes monitoring your customer experience quick and easy—simply use our API or one of our built-in data stream collectors. There are no painful integrations or deployments to go through.

Within minutes, Anodot learns the normal behavior of every single metric and starts monitoring all incoming data for anomalous behavior.

Real-time alerts that work for you

Leave alert storms, false positives and false negatives behind. Anodot autonomously learns the normal behavior of every metric in your API data to distill billions of data events into the single, scored, spot-on alerts that you need to know about right now.

Anodot notifies you about incidents immediately via email, Slack, PagerDuty or even Webhook.

Autonomous & adaptable CEM monitoring

Anodot’s AI-driven monitoring is dynamic and adaptive enough to easily accommodate all your CEM activities, while completely freeing you from manual tracking. There’s no need to define what data to look for or when, no manual thresholds to set up or update.

Easily create advanced CEM monitors right from the alert dashboard. You can even add events such as new infrastructure and services for greater context when incidents occur.

Take the guesswork out of CEM monitoring

Real-time high-
definition coverage

Fastest incident detection
and resolution

Fully autonomous