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Anodot uses its patented technology to learn the normal behavior of all your business metrics and constantly monitor their every move. All without configuring a thing.

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faster time
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How it works


Anodot collects data from every data source to give you the most comprehensive analysis of your business. You can integrate even the most granular data from applications, databases and streams, storage, CRM, monitoring and analytics tools, as well as IT infrastructure.

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Anodot's business analytics learns your business metrics’ normal behavior and identifies deviations. Each incident is ranked according to our patented Significance Score technology.

Autonomous analytics


For each incident, Anodot groups correlated anomalies and identifies all events and contributing factors to compose a rich report. This is a huge advantage when uncovering the root cause behind entire sets of irregularities. We cut through the clutter for the fastest time to resolution. This is autonomous business analytics at his best.


Alerts are seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow so your team can respond quickly. Get notified via text, email, Slack, Jira, Webhook, PagerDuty or any of your other favorite channels. Because every second counts.

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Feedback from end users is collected for each alert instance to further improve the system’s ML brain. By training the algorithms with direct feedback on anomalies, users can fine-tune the system’s functionality and results.

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