Rivery Data Model Kit for Anodot enables a one-click data model for a single, centralized data management workflow that easily connects with major ad accounts  

Originally published in Business Wire 

ASHBURN, Virginia – November 16, 2021 – Today, Anodot, the autonomous business monitoring company, announced a technology partnership with Rivery, the end-to-end DataOps platform, to help digital advertisers monitor marketing campaign anomalies. The partnership leverages Rivery’s no-code pipelines to push data to Anodot for real-time monitoring. 

An advanced AI platform, Anodot helps customers monitor, analyze, and correlate 100% of company data in real time. Anodot customers can easily navigate the challenges of ever-growing data volume by isolating and correlating issues across a business as they happen. For digital marketers, Anodot helps monitor the performance of every single campaign, catching issues as granular as an API breakdown or an underperforming segment for a particular product or promotion.  

By streamlining the entire DataOps workflow ecosystem, Rivery helps organizations become more agile and data-driven. Rivery empowers hundreds of companies to extract value from diverse data sources, including SaaS business applications, operational business sources, and legacy databases. Companies such as Bayer, Preqin, and Entravision use Rivery to deploy data operations faster, run transformation logic, and ingest data for usage in third-party business applications.

To offer a start-to-finish solution for marketing campaign monitoring, the two partners co-designed a Rivery Data Model Kit for joint customers. Now, joint customers can deploy pre-built data infrastructure at the click of a button – including data ingestion, logics, and orchestration – to feed structured data into Anodot’s AI/ML engine. 

With this seamless deployment, customers can start acting on alerting insights for marketing campaigns from Anodot immediately, instead of slogging through data pipeline configurations and technical gruntwork. The result: data developers save time and resources on the backend, while business stakeholders drive revenue with faster, smarter decision-making on the frontend.   

“Using Rivery and Anodot is incredibly valuable to AdOps and marketing teams,” said Tomer Cohen, VP BI and SEO at Minute Media, a leading global technology and content company that owns major content hubs such as The Players’ Tribune, 90min, DBLTAP, The Big Lead, and FanSided. 

“The Rivery Data Kits for Anodot cut the time wasted creating new data models, new data pipelines, and the need to maintain them. With one click, we were able to insert structured data into Anodot for immediate monitoring. Anodot then can alert us to granular issues across our ad platforms, so we can remediate quickly.” 

“This partnership with Rivery is a strategic way to meet the growing needs of our digital marketing customers,” said Yariv Zur, VP Product, Anodot. “Together, Anodot and Rivery are bridging the gap between data and actions, all from a centralized location while simultaneously helping martech professionals keep up with their ad performance. Down the road we are doubling down on Rivery as our solution for Anodot customers to extract and manipulate data from Anodot for all their analysis needs.”

“We’re thrilled to partner with Anodot, on this and future projects,” said Itamar Ben Hemo, CEO Rivery. “We built Kits so data teams can get projects up and running instantly, and focus on insights and analysis rather than building data infrastructure. With our latest Anodot Kits, martech teams can deploy pre-built data models for Anodot and start acting on alerting insights right away.”

For additional insight into how Anodot and Rivery support marketing teams with automated data insights, attend this free webinar, “AI-Driven Action for Marketing Teams.” 

About Anodot

Anodot’s Business Monitoring platform uses machine learning to constantly analyze and correlate every business parameter, providing real-time anomaly alerts and forecasts in their context. Fortune 500 companies, from digital business to telecom, trust Anodot’s patented technology to reduce time to detection and resolution for revenue-critical issues by as much as 80 percent. Anodot is headquartered in the U.S. and Israel, with sales offices worldwide. To learn more, visit www.anodot.com and follow them on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

About Rivery

Rivery is the end-to-end DataOps platform that gives organizations control over their data through the ingestion, transformation, orchestration and management of their data. Moving beyond the traditional ETL platform, Rivery speeds up the entire DataOps workflow with automation and process simplification in a single SaaS platform. The world’s leading companies, including Bayer and American Cancer Society, trust Rivery with their data. Learn more about Rivery. 

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